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  • Your business is built on the back of your hard work, your values, and your reputation. That’s why your customers keep coming back.

  • To maintain that, you need to own that story. But ownership becomes a lot harder when you’re on someone else’s platform.

  • And that’s why we launched Grow Your Brand, Not a Marketplace. We want to give you the tools to tell your story, your way.

The power of you

Hear how Harbor Painting built their brand.

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What your customers really expect

Your business is more than just a price point. It’s a story. And that story is how you came to be an essential part of your community.

We asked 6,000 consumers what they look for when browsing business digital marketplaces.

  • 82%

    want to communicate directly with the business they’re purchasing from rather than through a marketplace intermediary.

  • 72%

    say they’d purchase from a brand directly rather than a marketplace if they knew the business would receive 100% of the revenue.

  • 70%

    discover brands via word-of-mouth, social media, search, or in-store, rather than through a marketplace.


Helping grow
your business,
your way

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