Built to grow construction companies. Focus your time on winning the work and have every call answered professionally.

Make the most of every opportunity and win more contracts with ServiceForge’s construction receptionists.

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  • 24/7 construction

    Extend your reach with customer service reps answering your calls and chats 24/7. Make sure you’re the business that answers.

  • Cement your

    People are what drives construction. Answer every call professionally with a construction answering service.

  • Live call

    Set your availability in the ServiceForge app so receptionists can transfer calls and the best leads directly.

  • Appointment

    Arrange the best time for follow up calls and site visits on calls so you can maximize your time. Instantly updates your calendar.

Trade workers using the ServiceForge app.

Say goodbye
to voicemail

Construction is fast-paced and competitive. 80% of callers will hang up when they reach voicemail, costing your business valuable business opportunities.

Be the construction business that people know will answer. Capture and qualify every lead professionally, transfer the best opportunities directly to your business development team, and send all details to your construction software.

Make people
your competitive

You don’t need to answer in the field or in your truck. Build connections on every call with ServiceForge’s construction receptionists supporting your business around the clock.

construction contractor talking on phone.

Scale the level
of your service

Built for your
business needs

  • Flexible

    Construction answering on your schedule. Change plans as your needs change, and have evenings, weekends, and holidays included.

  • Customized

    Answer your way with customized scripting included in every plan so your receptionists get the information you need to thrive.

  • Cost-effective

    Get professional construction receptionists answering for your business 24/7 without having to hire in-house.

construction professional with yellow headphones and blue workwear.

Say goodbye
to bad leads

Maximize your impact by focusing on the leads that meet your criteria. From estimate requests to new construction projects, every lead is vetted.

Let ServiceForge’s construction receptionists ask the questions you need to know, so you can focus on closing the deal.

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Growth tools
for construction

Tools to connect construction

  • Inbox Screen
  • Appointment Scheduling Screen
  • Live Chat Screen
  • Dialpad Screen
  • Stay connected when you’re on-site or driving between jobs.

  • Have calls, appointments, and visits added to your calendar.

  • Capture leads on your website and through Facebook Messenger.

  • Get a second number on your cell phone.

Construction software integrations

Connect ServiceForge to your construction
software, marketing tools, CRM platform,
accounting processes, and more.


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ServiceForge is built to scale construction businesses.

Build your business
to last a lifetime

Establish quality foundations with 24/7
people-powered services.

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The best in the business
are lifelong learners

Built to

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