Grow with
answering services
for contractors

Being a contractor is competitive - make the most of every opportunity with 24/7 answering.

Focus on the work that will scale your business with ServiceForge’s contractor virtual receptionists.

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  • Your 24/7

    Make the most of opportunities, no matter what time they appear, with customer service reps answering calls day and night.

  • Live call

    Set your availability in the ServiceForge app so receptionists know when you’re available to take calls and qualified leads.

  • Appointment

    Have calls, estimates, and visits scheduled directly from calls into your calendar to make the most of your day.

  • Nurture your

    Have professional receptionists ready to engage your clients at all hours of the day. Build quality connections and trust.

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Combine people
and technology

In our competitive world, you need more than just a contractor call center. Merge the connection and empathy only people can offer with the efficiencies and convenience of technology to scale your business.

When people call your business they want to speak to a human being. When they schedule work on your website they want it to be easy and fast.

Services + tools = growth solutions

Keep your
business personal
you grow

How do you keep the personal touch as a contractor as your business grows? The answer is to keep it human.

Keep empathy and connection at the heart of your business, with people-powered answering.

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Grow your

After-hours answering services for contractors

  • After-hours

    Answer calls, capture estimate requests, and schedule appointments 24/7. Evenings, weekends, and holidays included.

  • On-call

    Set your availability, on-call schedule, and escalation tree so your contractor receptionists can dispatch teams with ease.

  • Live call

    Only take the most important calls after hours with call screening. Take control of when you answer in the ServiceForge app.

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Stop wasting time on bad leads

Is the estimate request in your service area?

When do they want to start the project?

Do they have the money needed?

Focus your time on the best leads and maximize your results. Set your criteria with customizable scripting and let ServiceForge’s contractor receptionists do the legwork for you.

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Growth tools
for contractors

Tools to connect contractors

  • Inbox Screen
  • Appointment Scheduling Screen
  • Live Chat Screen
  • Dialpad Screen
  • Stay connected when you’re on-site or driving between jobs.

  • Have calls, appointments, and visits added to your calendar.

  • Capture leads on your website and through Facebook Messenger.

  • Get a second number on your cell phone.

Contractor software integrations

Connect ServiceForge to your construction
software, marketing tools, CRM platform,
accounting processes, and more.


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Build your business
to last a lifetime

Establish quality foundations with 24/7
people-powered services.

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The best in the business
are lifelong learners

Built to

Jumpstart success, set new habits and see the increasing effects of your work over time.

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